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Put That Screwdriver Down & Find Extra Hours of Productivity

Posted by Ben Redfield

Nov 13, 2014


A study commissioned by Microsoft earlier this year outlines the productivity lost by small businesses when they have nontechnical employees manage their IT solutions.  They estimate that over $24 billion in productivity is lost each year by “involuntary IT managers”.

Why are companies shooting themselves in the foot with wasted energy?  


Budgets are tight in all companies and especially for those that are in their initial growth mode.  Everyone is tasked with the “doing more with less” strategy.  But at what cost?  According to this study those “involuntary IT managers” lose six hours of productivity per week, totaling around 300 hours per year when they have to manage IT.  As a business owner if you are the “involuntary IT manager” this is time away from doing what you set out to do, which is to grow your business!

There is an easier way to insure you are getting the right solutions for your business at the right cost.  IN this study 60% of respondents wanted to simplify their company’s technology solutions to alleviate the difficulty of managing IT day to day.  They are increasingly looking to the cloud to help with the simplification of IT.  It allows them to let the experts handle the technology and they in turn get the benefit of what they invested in technology for in the first place, which is to get the information they need in a timely fashion to make informed business decisions. 




With Dynamics GP and SMBSuite's OneView Subscription you can stop wasting time and start focusing on your business.


Technology is not meant to be a roadblock to growth but it can become one very quickly.  Look for signs in your business on when enough is enough and call out for help.  There is definitely help out there to run everything from ERP, CRM, email, document storage, backup, etc. in the cloud. 

These solutions are not only affordable but they scale with your business.  This elasticity allows you to get enterprise class solutions on a much lower budget.  There is also the benefit of paying for what you use.  You don’t have the expensive proposition of a large cash outlay for software, hardware, and implementation services.  You can treat your IT solutions as a utility just like you do your electricity bill. 

It’s time to work on your business and not in the business.  Pull back and refocus yourself and regain lost time.Dynamics GP Subscription Economy