SOC 1 Type 11 Reporting

11-17-18 @ 1:00pm CST - Integrate Job Costing & Field Services With Cloud Dynamics GP & SMB Suite


Manage all of your service calls, job cost estimates, invoices, and financial accounting from one system!
If you’re still using paper and spreadsheets to manage your specialty contracting business, you’re a step behind. A Specialty Trades Solution from SMB Suite provides just what you need to get a better handle on your jobs, field service and financials - which will help you beat your competition. Plus, it’s hosted in the cloud, so your users can access the system anywhere, and on any device. With our monthly subscription, you’ll be up and running quickly without putting more demands on your IT department.

Why Choose SMB Suite's Specialty Trades:
  • Complete ERP and CRM Integrated solutions
  • Safe, secure, scalable platform
  • Unlimited on-demand access to training
  • Reduced IT costs, no hardware setup or client installations
  • Rapid deployment and affordable pricing