Product Tour: Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Cloud

We’re Changing the Way You Invest in Technology

The cloud technology and the subscription economy have empowered small to mid-sized businesses to challenge the status quo, and we're here to deliver a customer experience unlike any other: a fully integrated Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud subscription that is affordable and easy to use. 

During your free product tour, we'll give you a walkthrough of our cloud-based ERP solutions and our Single Sign-On (SSO) customer portal that gives you “enterprise grade” technology without the enterprise grade cost and complexity. The end goal of this tour is to help you:

  • Understand how Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud reduces costs and gives your business a competitive edge
  • Learn how the OneView portal will tranform the way you view and track business data and KPIs
  • Realize the power and efficiency of a trully integrated Cloud ERP Subscription offering of “best of breed” technologies

To set up your free product tour, simply fill out our online form. Once you submit, an expert from SMB Suite will contact you shortly to schedule your free tour.