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When You Transition Your Business Accounting Software

By the time you’ve decided to make the switch from your old financial accounting and ERP software to a new, more improved solution, you’ve already waited long enough.

Your bottom line doesn’t have room for downtime – and neither does your business – so you need an integrated cloud ERP solution that's up and running, fast.

Most business management software companies will engage you for weeks or months simply "planning" out your solution and driving up costs while extending their timelines for go-live production. However, SMB Suite delivers setup for your cloud ERP solutions in just five fast phases with our advanced, automated transition process.

With SMB Suite Fast Five Delivery, you get:

  • Up and running swiftly, making your switch easy and receiving results quicker
  • Seamless transitioning, making your move to new cloud ERP software painless, with minimal interruption to your business
  • Regular updates, as easy as upgrading an app on your phone, ensuring that your business accounting software grows alongside your business

The Fast Five Delivery phases include:

  • Welcome – Your own custom Welcome Guide
  • Get Started – A one-hour kickoff to establish expectations
  • Configuration – Provisioning your new system in just five minutes
  • Go Live Roll-Out – Full, dedicated support on your go-live date
  • Care + Support – Ensuring you have the best solution for the life of our relationship

Are you ready to make the switch for your cloud accounting software? Click below to get started with our Business Success team and join one of the best cloud ERP providers. Have your ERP software up and running in five fast phases – you’ve waited long enough.

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