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Unlocking The Benefits Of Cloud ERP For Every Industry

Posted by Kristen Howarth

Apr 10, 2014

SMB Suite, a leading cloud-based business software firm, is helping businesses realize the real-world benefits of cloud-based ERP. In a free webinar on April 17, 2014, SMB Suite will assess the practical benefits of switching from an on-premise to a cloud-based ERP solution.

The advantages offered by cloud-based software over traditional solutions like QuickBooks are quite robust. The webinar focuses on a client case study, which explores the business needs of one client (Beallberry) and the thought process behind transitioning from Microsoft Dynamics GP on-premises to SMB Suite's cloud-based solution.

Brenna DeJoy, Accountant and Project Lead at Beallberry, discusses the main reasons why she chose SMB Suite over its competitors. Beallberry was previously an avid proponent of the Microsoft Dynamics GP on-premises solution. However, after DeJoy analyzed Beallberry's performance and business goals, she realized there were huge untapped opportunities that could only be accessed through the cloud. She explains how Beallberry enjoyed quick execution and deployment of an automatically upgraded cloud-based version of Dynamics, and how SMB Suite's Business Success Desk program offers continued support to grow Beallberry’s business and streamline its processes.

The webinar, held on April 17 at 2:00 p.m. CDT, offers solutions to common business problems like a lack of transparency to stakeholders and extended sales cycles. The software itself is an all-inclusive suite designed to handle key business processes, including accounting, payroll and HR.

"It did not make sense for our business to buy software, establish a server and worry about transitioning data from the previous provider,” said DeJoy. “SMB Suite completely transitioned my data and helped me learn the software. Overall, choosing SMB Suite was the best decision we’ve made, and I know that as we grow as a company, we have a reliable provider we can always count on!"

Transitioning to the cloud is an increasingly common practice because cloud-based software offerings are much more flexible and inclusive than traditional tools. SMB Suite's cloud-based ERP software encompasses the full business spectrum. Its comprehensive approach and predictable, all-inclusive OneView Subscription model make it an obvious choice for small and medium-sized businesses.

To register for the April 17 webinar, please click here.

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