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Need to know who entered a payables invoice in Dynamics GP?

Posted by Hope Ritson

Mar 4, 2019

If you have ever needed to supply documentation showing who entered a payables invoice in Dynamics GP, you know the frustration that the data in the open and history payables transactions tables updates this information to be the user who issued or applied a payment to the invoice.  You can join to the payables keys master table to obtain this information with the script below. 


select a.VCHRNMBR as VoucherNumber, a.VENDORID as VendorID, case a.DOCTYPE


     when 1 then 'Invoice'


     when 2 then 'Finance Charge'


     when 3 then 'Misc Charge'


     when 4 then 'Return'


     when 5 then 'Credit Memo'


     when 6 then 'Payment'


     end Document_Type,


a.DOCDATE as DocumentDate, a.DOCNUMBR as DocumentNumber, a.BACHNUMB as BatchNumber,


        case a.VOIDED


     when 0 then 'No'


     when 1 then 'Yes'


     end Voided,


a.POSTEDDT as DatePosted, a.PTDUSRID as PostedUser, a.MODIFDT as DateModified, a.MDFUSRID as ModifiedUser,


a.DOCAMNT as DocumentAmount,


a.PSTGDATE as GLPostingDate, z.USERID as OriginalUser


from PM20000 as a


join PM00400 as z


       on a.VCHRNMBR = z.CNTRLNUM


              and a.DOCTYPE = z.DOCTYPE


where a.PSTGDATE between '1/01/2018' and '12/30/2018'


and a.DOCTYPE <> 6








select a.VCHRNMBR as VoucherNumber, a.VENDORID as VendorID, case a.DOCTYPE


     when 1 then 'Invoice'


     when 2 then 'Finance Charge'


     when 3 then 'Misc Charge'


     when 4 then 'Return'


     when 5 then 'Credit Memo'


     when 6 then 'Payment'


     end Document_Type,


a.DOCDATE as DocumentDate, a.DOCNUMBR as DocumentNumber, a.BACHNUMB as BatchNumber,


        case a.VOIDED


     when 0 then 'No'


     when 1 then 'Yes'


     end Voided,


a.POSTEDDT as DatePosted, a.PTDUSRID as PostedUser, a.MODIFDT as DateModified, a.MDFUSRID as ModifiedUser,


a.DOCAMNT as DocumentAmount, a.PSTGDATE as GLPostingDate, z.USERID as OriginalUser


from PM30200 as a


join PM00400 as z


       on a.VCHRNMBR = z.CNTRLNUM


              and a.DOCTYPE = z.DOCTYPE


where a.PSTGDATE between '1/01/2018' and '12/30/2018'


and a.DOCTYPE <> 6

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Dynamics GP Manuals Online & Resources Galore

Posted by Samantha DeLaire

Feb 27, 2019

Microsoft has been working to move Dynamics GP Manuals online, and will continue updating.

Access GP Online Manuals HERE

Current information includes sections for:

  • What’s New in version GP 2015 through GP 2018 R2
  • Financials, including General Ledger, Receivables, Payables, Fixed Assets, Bank Reconciliation, and Inter-company
  • Distribution, including Purchase Order and Sales Order
  • Payroll

The site also includes links to Additional Dynamics GP Resources:

  • Blog
    • Link to Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog to learn about tips and tricks
  • Knowledge Base
    • Link to Customer Source to find answers to common questions and Microsoft Training resources
  • Community
    • Link to Dynamics GP Community to exchange information with other customers and ask questions to other Dynamics GP users
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Submit your new feature wish list to the Dynamics GP development team!

Posted by Samantha DeLaire

Feb 25, 2019

Take your wish list straight to the Microsoft Dynamics GP application development team to recommend new features and enhancements to the product!




Here is your chance to provide your ideas directly to the Microsoft’s development team for improvements to be made within Dynamics GP.




Share your ideas and vote for future ideas on new development plans to enhance the Dynamics GP product.




Intelligent Edge will be playing more of a role in future releases, and there will also be features requested by customers and the wider community that will be implemented in the new version release, made available later this year.




Vote to log new suggestions now!


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Dynamics GP Year-End Premier Training

Posted by Samantha DeLaire

Dec 21, 2018

Don’t miss out on SMB Suite’s year-end training classes!


SMB Suite - Premier Services Training

  • Free for Premier Service Customers who receive unlimited Help Desk Support
  • $100 for Non-Premier Service Customers

Up to 25 attendees can attend the GoToWebinar, reserve your seat now! No limit on number of attendees per customer.

Premier Service Training Schedule


Best Practices - Year End Close Process

  • Recommended Order to Close Modules
  • Steps prior to closing the module
  • What does the close process do

Best Practices – 1099 Year End Process

  • Vendor Setup
  • Transaction Processing
  • Editing 1099 Information
  • 1099 Printing


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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 Tips!

Posted by Samantha DeLaire

Nov 7, 2018

In the newly released version of GP 2018 R2, there are new features available to help you save time and your sanity!


Post Through – Transaction Level Posting

  • Super helpful for SOP transactions
  • You can select to allow for transaction level posting and post through General Ledger files


No More Hanging Batches


Default AP Checkbook on Payments!

  • Setting default checkbook
  • Purchasing -> Setup -> Payables


It Defaults on AP Batches!


Default Recurring Batches – Last Day

  • Monthly/ Bi-Monthly


Allow Partial Purchase in the PO that was initially made from a Purchase Requisition


Print and Email SOP document at the same time

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SMB Suite’s Dynamics GP in the Cloud, Embrace Your Opportunity!

Posted by Samantha DeLaire

Aug 8, 2018

Brief history: ERP in the cloud has been referred to by many names, including application service provider (ASP) accounting solution, accounting software on demand, software-as-a-service accounting (SaaS Accounting), and recently from Microsoft Dynamics GP, hosted accounting. Although there may be some minor variations among these terms, the underlying principle is largely the same: under a cloud ERP delivery model, applications are housed in a remote location and delivered directly to end users as a service via the Internet. 

Is this a good fit for my business?  A small or medium business: A company that needs flexibility, low costs and better ways to analyze and deploy information through IT resources so they can stay competitive. That’s what it’s all about right—less capital, more gain.

How did SMB Suite address this issue? By launching Dynamics GP in the cloud! In fact, there’s nothing better than the robust environment of an ERP system developed for the Small to Medium Business Market to embrace opportunities that today’s business environment brings. Dynamics GP in the cloud shifts much of the burden of onsite systems into a solution that provides benefits.

Here are some fun facts as to why shifting from internal staff management to the cloud is a game changer:

  • NO up-front Capital investment. True, Monthly Subscription OPEX and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for you, the customer.
  • Rapid deployment of the application. We are talking about shaving months off of on-premise implementation. Yeah, you read it right, months.
  • Software upgrades, maintenance, and innovations? As the provider of the Dynamics GP Cloud, it’s already included in the subscription price so you’ll get them without the hassle and additional cost seen from traditional providers.
  • Re-purposed budgets—you won’t be spending all your capital upfront on your ERP solution so you can re-purpose that investment into revenue generating assets. The ability to redeploy IT support tasks to more value-creating business initiatives. 
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7 Reasons to Attend Microsoft's Dynamics User Group Summit

Posted by Samantha DeLaire

Jul 30, 2018

Microsoft Dynamics is having a user group summit in Phoenix, Arizona this October 15th through the 18th.

Users of Dynamics GP, NAV & Business Central have the opportunity to meet with peers, Dynamics specialists and third-party solution providers.

The User Group Summit is the largest and most comprehensive event for Microsoft Dynamics and other technology professionals.  The event tackles what is going on in the industry and follows the trends in the Microsoft ecosystem. Not only is this a great opportunity for professional development, but for the bottom line of an organization.  Connecting with and learning from other Dynamics and technology professionals from across the globe generates new ideas to bring back to your team.

This is an ideal venue for finding partners who are perfect fits for your specific needs. The Expo Hall is filled with third-party solution providers, implementation consultants, and training partners who not only specialize in Microsoft Dynamics and other technologies but who truly understand the challenges unique to your industry.

Top Reasons for Attending:

  1. Summit Phoenix’s dedication to bringing users to the forefront of technology problem-solving and product development will help your team gain a stronger sense of what’s available and how you can put these tools and techniques into practice.
  2. Summit Phoenix is created by users, for users; for every job role. The Programming Committee members who determine the content come from fields like administration, development, finance, and IT. They pride themselves on staying current with what matters most and understanding user needs for a variety of product versions.
  3. Experts, MVPs, and Microsoft team members will discuss industry trends, product roadmaps, and learning strategies impacting your organization.
  4. The practical, hands-on Conference Academy workshops will show us how to solve your team’s challenges and use your products in better, more efficient ways.
  5. It’s a networking opportunity that can’t be compared. Summit Phoenix creates the space for easy knowledge sharing so you will learn from peer experiences that only come from unscripted conversations.
  6. The user group community is year-round so the networking won’t stop on-site. This vibrant and virtual network will help you continue to make the most of our software year-round.
  7. The expo is filled with more than 380 leading industry suppliers and the latest and greatest tools and technologies, all ready to help you solve our organization’s biggest challenges.


For more information about Summit Phoenix, please visit:

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Dynamics GP and NAV in the Cloud

Posted by Samantha DeLaire

Jul 17, 2018

Join us for a Q&A session led by Steve Anderson to see what GP and NAV look like in SMB Suite’s Cloud.

What integration is available with other Microsoft products?

  • Office 365
  • Dynamics 365 for Sales
  • Power BI
  • Add-on Enhancements

How are customizations handled?


Ongoing support help?


User administration?

System monitoring?

Threat protection?




Register for the webinar today!

Thursday, July 19th @ 1:00pm CST:

Register Here


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Jet Remote Data Services with SMB Suite

Posted by Samantha DeLaire

Mar 28, 2018

SMB Suite will offer a hosted Jet Remote Data Service (JRDS) instance for our SMB Cloud GP customers beginning in Q2 2018.

The Jet Remote Data Service (JRDS) data source presents a three-tier architectural design with a service component that is hosted within Internet Information Services (IIS).  It provides a fast, secure connection method for environments where Jet users have Excel installed locally and their Dynamics GP system is hosted on a different domain.


Detailed information on Features (Dynamics GP): 

Friendly names for tables and fields

In Dynamics GP, you may notice that the table and field names that are listed in the Designer window are somewhat cryptic. The design tools in Jet Essentials and Jet Express (e.g. Table Builder, Browser, Report Builder,Jfx, etc.) can display your table and field names in several easily readable formats, similar to the Smart List window in GP.

The friendly name feature requires three tables - JETFPG, JETTMAP, and JETFMAP.  The GP Update Utility adds these tables to your database and populates them with them with the Friendly Names provided by Dynamics GP.


Jet Views

Jet Views are SQL views which bring together information from one or more SQL tables into a view that is designed for reporting from.  The Jet views have been designed around common report writing areas to make it easier for report designers to create reports.  The GP Update Utility adds SQL views to the GP company database with the prefix "Jet”.  These views include:

  • Jet CustomerMaster
  • Jet CustomerOpen Application
  • Jet CustomerOpen Transactions
  • Jet CustomerPeriod Balance
  • Jet Date
  • Jet FiscalPeriod
  • Jet GL Account
  • Jet GLTransactions
  • Jet Item AllLocations
  • Jet Item byLocation
  • Jet PayrollTransactions
  • Jet ProjectAccounting
  • Jet PurchaseDetail
  • Jet PurchaseHeader
  • Jet SalesDetail
  • Jet SalesHeader
  • Jet VendorMaster
  • Jet VendorOpen Applications
  • Jet VendorPeriod Balance

(this list subject to change in future updates).


SQL Roles

This GP Utility feature takes advantage of the Role-based security model in Dynamics GP by offering the user access to certain tables and views.  Jet Reports has created their own User Roles as well.

The JetAllUsers role provides users with access to the following tables: 

  • SY01500 on the Dynamics database
  • JET_DATE, JETFMAP, JETFPG, JETTMAP, JETVMAP on the company database*


For more information, please contact



Samantha DeLaire, Client Engagement Manager

Office 469.351.2138 | Mobile 949.246.3884 | Email

7701 Las Colinas Ridge, Suite 100, Irving, TX 75063

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Dynamics 2018 GP New Features Video Released

Posted by Samantha DeLaire

Mar 9, 2018

Microsoft has just released a new video showcasing new features in Dynamics GP 2018.

GP 2018 VIDEO has released           

Requested straight from customers, new features include:

Turning off garnishment reports

Purchase order number added to the purchase requisition navigation list for procurement

Ability to roll down from setup for Payroll and Human Resource

Print and email a single statement from the customer card

Print purchase requisition 

Save select payment settings

Copy user access across analytical accounting dimension codes

Once Check per invoice vendor setting

Reprint distribution detail and summary reports

Doc attach added to more areas:

  • Receivables transaction entry
  • General Ledger transaction entry
  • Employee Inquiry
  • I-9 Form
  • (Fixed Assets) Asset general information
  • And more!

OData Version 4

GP Power BI Content Pack

Additional sorting added to

Select Bank Transaction windows

Payables Transactions Inquiry windows

Receivables Transactions Inquiry windows

Renamed Payables windows from “Checks” to “Payments”

SmartList Password per SmartList

Wellness and Health Insurance Integration

Display Hold Status on Sales Transactions

Purchase Order (PO) Generator opens the Purchase Order List with New PO Filter

Exclude Inactive deduction code filters added to deduction lookup window

Once Click Access to SmartList in Web Client

Bank Reconciliation maximum window in Web Client

Autocomplete in Web Client

Update sample data date and documentation

General Ledger Account Approval Workflow

Purchasing Invoice Approval Workflow

Purchasing Invoice Approval Workflow

Copy Workflow Step

Payables transaction Workflow Additional Fields

Vendor Workflow Additional Fields for EFT/ Bank Information

Reporting for Workflow

Purchase Order Notification to Requisition Originator

Reminder Emails for Workflow

Purchase Order Workflow messages – additional field

HRMSS Employee Email Changes for Timecards

Project Time & Expense (PTE) Email Approval Functionality


Here is the Microsoft Dynamics GP blog series:




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