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Microsoft Dynamics GP Roadmap - GP 2018 to be released 2017 H2!

Posted by Samantha DeLaire

Sep 8, 2017

Microsoft announced that Dynamics GP 2018 will be released the second half of 2017!


Stay tuned for new updates… 


Dynamics GP 2018 New Features:

  • Power BI Suite
  • Workflow 4.0
  • Document Attach Functionality
  • Financial and HR Optimization
  • Top Features Requested by GP Customers
    • Integration Improvements
    • Power BI Enhancements


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Part Three: Love Great Plains But Want to Move to the Cloud?

Posted by David Greer

Mar 28, 2017

This is part three of a three part series where we consider the perspective of an existing customer on traditional Great Plains, and the benefits of using Great Plains with SMB Suite as an alternative to having to learn another cloud ERP system.

The challenge every business faces today is finding a user friendly way of getting a clearer picture of what’s happening in their business. Many businesses rely on Excel for analysis, but it’s hard to get valuable business intelligence because Excel is not designed to do this by itself. The ideal solution would be an easy-to-use solution like Excel that makes it easy to access the right data.

SMB Suite makes achieving this goal much easier because the business intelligence function is built in. The reporting and planning tool is based on Excel with seamless integration into Microsoft Dynamics. The drag and drop reporting design makes it easy to find the data needed with full visibility of the Dynamics data tables built in. The analytics tools help to better understand the financial data by transforming it into easy-to-understand graphs and charts. The results? Employees are more productive, less reliant on IT, and they’re able to build customized reports of the data needed, thus empowering them to make better decisions.

Today employees are connected to the office by mobile devices. However, if the answers they are looking for can only be accessed from the office, it causes the “when I get back to the office I’ll get you that” syndrome.  This can put your business at a competitive disadvantage and at best reduces productivity for everyone. Running Microsoft Dynamics in the cloud helps to solve this problem because information access is no longer confirmed within the walls of the business. The cloud makes it possible for employees to securely access company information using a web browser from anywhere. Of course, just like the on-premise version of Microsoft Dynamics GP, users can only access the data they have permission to see.  The cloud also eliminates the fear of data falling into the wrong hands, because the data is not stored on their device. Moving to the cloud makes the system more accessible, helping to improve customer service and employee productivity. 

As discussed earlier, moving Great Plains to the cloud with SMB Suite also has the added benefit of automatically upgrading your business to the latest version of Dynamics GP. Running on the latest version of the software gives you access to the latest features and capabilities, plus it eliminates the need for application of security service packs and patches.

Compared to traditional on-premise applications, cloud application are easier to upgrade. Unfortunately, many cloud providers can make upgrades problematic. This is because many providers force a mass upgrade on a rigid schedule, which may not be ideal for everyone. For example, your business could be forced to upgrade during the busiest time of the year.

SMB Suite upgrades are less disruptive to business. New version upgrades are scheduled by working closely with the customer to determine the best time for the upgrade. In addition, SMB Suite provides the upgrade in a new instance with a backup copy of the company’s data. Customers can then test drive the new environment before going live. This allows for any customizations to be tested and gives extra time to learn new features. Once the tests are complete and the customer has signed off, everything is moved to new environment. Businesses are much happier with this design because they are able to control the upgrade schedule themselves.

The final benefit of moving Great Plains to the SMB Suite cloud is perhaps the most overlooked: support. Many cloud providers make business application support optional and it is often outsourced. SMB Suite’s Business Success Desk believes critical application support is the key to success. Support for mission critical solutions such as Dynamics ERP are included in the basic subscription price. The support is provided by local Business Success Concierges, with unlimited cases, who are available 24 X 7.

This concludes the three part series examining the benefits of moving from an on-premise Great Plains solution to cloud based Microsoft Dynamics GP. The benefits of the cloud are many -- including accessibility from anywhere, plus elimination of IT support and hardware costs.  It’s even more affordable and predictable with subscription pricing.  SMB Suite has the advantage of a fully integrated Microsoft solution with a single monthly subscription that includes all of the benefits of the cloud, plus the implementation, support, and upgrades.
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Love Great Plains, but want to move to the cloud?

Posted by David Greer

Mar 15, 2017

Great Plains customers are moving to cloud solutions. However, to take advantage of a cloud offering, these customers don’t have to move off of Great Plains and be forced to learn an entirely new system - one that could slow their business down.  
SMB Suite provides the same benefits of the cloud, while allowing customers to continue using Great Plains. With SMB Suite, customers can upgrade to the latest version of Dynamics GP, and experience the benefits of a modern cloud solution without the time and expense of learning a completely different ERP solution, all for one low monthly subscription.
In this three part series we will take a look from the perspective of an existing customer on traditional Great Plains, and the benefits of using Great Plains with the SMB Suite cloud as alternative to having to learn another ERP system.
If you have an existing outdated Great Plains on-premise solution, the first benefit of moving to the SMB Suite is that you can keep Great Plains, the solution you know and love. Great Plains, now called Microsoft Dynamics GP, is one of the most widely used ERP solutions in North America. If your business isn’t on the latest version, your company could be missing out on improved productivity and greater efficiencies.  To date, Microsoft has made significant investments in Dynamics GP, adding deeper more robust functionality, while improving the user experience with streamlined and personalized home pages. In addition, you can gain greater insight on your business with easy to use reporting, greater integration to Microsoft Excel, plus advanced business intelligence. Perhaps you have been holding off on upgrading to the latest version of Dynamics GP because your annual renewal plan has long since expired, and the cost of updating is cost prohibitive. This is not a problem with SMB Suite - because when you move to the cloud, SMB Suite will automatically update your business to the latest version.
Another benefit of the SMB Suite cloud is that it is a fully integrated solution that cuts costs and greatly reduces errors. Our cloud offering features an integrated suite of products that will increase your productivity, reduce cost, and save time. As many traditionally deployed businesses know, the cost of implementation, integration, and on-going application maintenance of typical on-premise environments can be many times the cost of the software itself. However, with SMB Suite you’ll never have to worry about an approach that requires costly integration to get your different applications to work together. Each application of the SMB Suite works together seamlessly.  Gone are the days of separate on premise software packages—one for accounting, one for sales force management and automation, one for ecommerce, one for service management, and perhaps one for warehousing.  SMB Suite has combined Microsoft Dynamics with solutions that add value, all designed to take advantage of the proven Microsoft platform. These fully integrated solutions include customer relationship management with sales automation, service and marketing solutions, ecommerce for both business to business and business to consumer transactions, human resource and payroll solutions, service management, job costing, distribution and warehousing, plus unique Excel based business intelligence.
A great benefit of moving to the cloud is the elimination of on-premise IT costs. The cost of using on-premise software includes the buying and maintaining of computer hardware, operating systems, software upgrades, service packs, virus protection, plus daily backup and recovery. For most small to medium businesses, having an IT department is an expensive luxury - yet without at least one IT person there is a very real risk of costly viruses, loss of data, and downtime. Using a modern cloud based solution such as SMB Suite eliminates this concern. All of the hardware and software maintenance is taken care of by SMB Suite. We constantly work to keep virus protection up to date, applying all required service packs, and providing daily backups. Additionally, your business won’t be tying up funds in server hardware and/or paying for additional hardware upgrades as your business grows. This greatly reduces the risk and allows businesses more time to focus on what they do best.
In part three we’ll explore how you can move to the cloud for one monthly subscription, how Microsoft Dynamics works seamlessly with Excel and Outlook, and how to gain greater visibility into your company with business intelligence.

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