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Secure Your Business - Managed IT Security Services Webinar

Posted by Samantha DeLaire

Apr 5, 2019

SMB Suite is hosting a webinar covering dedicated IT services provided by SMB Suite designed to empower your business.


Alan McAulay, SMB Suite’s Managed IT Services Director, will lead the second webinar as a part of a Managed IT Services series.


Join us for a Lunch & Learn Webinar, focused on SECURITY Services.


Wednesday, April 17th at 12:30pm CST


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    • What are Managed IT Services?
    • Strengthen Security of Your Network, Devices and Data
    • Manage and Protect
      • Network
      • Servers/Applications
      • Desktops/ Devises
      • Users
      • Data
    • Security Compliance
      • Data Encryption
      • Intrusion Detection and Prevention
      • Security Information and Event Management


Dedicated IT Services Designed to Help You:


    • Improve Operational Management
    • Increase Efficiency
    • Strengthen Security of Your Network, Devices and Data
    • Budget Optimization – Flat Monthly Fee
    • Provide Additional IT Knowledge and Skills 
    • Vendor Management
    • Single Point of Contact for all your IT needs



Topics: cloud security, Managed IT Services