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Dynamics 2018 GP New Features Video Released

Posted by Samantha DeLaire

Mar 9, 2018

Microsoft has just released a new video showcasing new features in Dynamics GP 2018.

GP 2018 VIDEO has released           

Requested straight from customers, new features include:

Turning off garnishment reports

Purchase order number added to the purchase requisition navigation list for procurement

Ability to roll down from setup for Payroll and Human Resource

Print and email a single statement from the customer card

Print purchase requisition 

Save select payment settings

Copy user access across analytical accounting dimension codes

Once Check per invoice vendor setting

Reprint distribution detail and summary reports

Doc attach added to more areas:

  • Receivables transaction entry
  • General Ledger transaction entry
  • Employee Inquiry
  • I-9 Form
  • (Fixed Assets) Asset general information
  • And more!

OData Version 4

GP Power BI Content Pack

Additional sorting added to

Select Bank Transaction windows

Payables Transactions Inquiry windows

Receivables Transactions Inquiry windows

Renamed Payables windows from “Checks” to “Payments”

SmartList Password per SmartList

Wellness and Health Insurance Integration

Display Hold Status on Sales Transactions

Purchase Order (PO) Generator opens the Purchase Order List with New PO Filter

Exclude Inactive deduction code filters added to deduction lookup window

Once Click Access to SmartList in Web Client

Bank Reconciliation maximum window in Web Client

Autocomplete in Web Client

Update sample data date and documentation

General Ledger Account Approval Workflow

Purchasing Invoice Approval Workflow

Purchasing Invoice Approval Workflow

Copy Workflow Step

Payables transaction Workflow Additional Fields

Vendor Workflow Additional Fields for EFT/ Bank Information

Reporting for Workflow

Purchase Order Notification to Requisition Originator

Reminder Emails for Workflow

Purchase Order Workflow messages – additional field

HRMSS Employee Email Changes for Timecards

Project Time & Expense (PTE) Email Approval Functionality


Here is the Microsoft Dynamics GP blog series:




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Warehouse Management Webinar - Without Wire Inventory Sciences

Posted by Samantha DeLaire

Feb 28, 2018

We are inviting you to join our live webinar on Tuesday, March 6th for SMB Inventory Management (WMS) for Distribution and Field Service.

Orange logo WOW.png

WithoutWire Inventory Sciences offers an industry leading warehouse management system for:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Bio Pharma and Medical
  • CPG and Omni Channel

Learn how you can get started on this powerful mobile inventory management system today!

Barcoded Mobility in Receiving, Put-Away, Replenishment, Min/Max settings, Kitting, Manufacturing, Pick/Pack/Ship, ABC Cycle Count and Real-time Reporting in our Cloud hosted environment!

Register below to learn more about our integrated warehouse management and distribution in Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud.

Tuesday, March 6th @ 1:00pm CST: Register Here


Want to try before you buy?

Go ahead, Use it for Free


Powerful Functionality

Get enterprise-level features built-in to your Warehouse Management System & Distribution system like Demand Planning & Barcode-Enabled Inventory.


Pay for What You Use Automation

No per-user licensing. We offer on- demand, pay for what you use transaction based automation, with transaction bundles that fit your business.


Unlimited users

WMS value should be based on how your supply chain actually runs - by transactions. Measuring your business by what drives value in your operations is the right way to do business.


Mix and Match Devices

Mobile devices can by mixed throughout your supply chain with smart phones and tablets, which reduces upfront hardware costs. Easy to use, means easy to train - which means always uptime

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9 Enhancement Solutions for Dynamics GP - Educational Series Webinar

Posted by Frank Gerome

Feb 21, 2018

We are inviting you to join our live webinar on Thursday, February 22nd for an educational series to learn about 9 GP add-on solutions.

Kim Peterson will lead an overview of 9 GP enhancement tools that is educational in scope, and your only investment is your time.  

She’s been around the table in working for Great Plains/ Microsoft, ISVs, a VAR organization and led GPUG for over 5 years.  She understands the GP market. 

This educational webinar will expose you to solutions that will help minimize your tasks.   

60 minutes you can't afford to miss!  Companies featured (you’ll be surprised at what you’ll learn):

  • Dynavistics (AR Management Software)
  • Envisage (Automated Post Batching & Project Tracking)
  • Encore (Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics)
  • Gorilla Expense (Expense Management)
  • Dynamics Budgets (Alternative to Management Reporter)
  • GP Power Tools (DB, Admin & Developer Tools)
  • Mekorma MICR (Multi-Batch Management)
  • Metaviewer (AP Automation)
  • Sierra Workforce Solutions (Time & Attendance)


If interested in joining, you can register below.

Thursday, February 22nd @ 1:30pm CST: Register Here


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Dynamics 365 for Marketing, Preview is Now Available

Posted by Samantha DeLaire

Feb 13, 2018

The preview of Dynamics 365 for Marketing is now available!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing will include:

Multi-channel campaigns

  • Generate leads across multiple channels

Lead management

  • Nurture leads with personalized experiences

Sales and marketing alignment

  • Connect your teams to close more deals

Marketing analytics

  • Increase your marketing ROI

Event Management

  • Organize events with ease


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FREE MS Dynamics Upgrade - Move YOUR Dynamics to the Cloud

Posted by Samantha DeLaire

Feb 9, 2018

We help companies move their existing Dynamics GP and NAV solutions to the Cloud.

Quick and easy.

All-inclusive cloud service for one price per month

o   Cloud & Licensing

o   Unlimited Helpdesk

o   All Upgrades Included

o   Implementation  & Training

o   Start with a little as you need and grow when you are ready

o   SOC 1 Type 2 Certified provides lower audit costs and peace of mind

Guarantee: Your fixed priced project is done when you say it’s done or your money back !

SMB Suite was founded by CPAs who had a passion to serve Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) throughout the US.  With extensive experience as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for over 20 years, SMB Suite has been recognized by Microsoft as an industry leading provider of Dynamics.  Over the years SMB Suite has received various Microsoft awards such as the Pinnacle Award for Excellence in Technology, North American ERP Partner of the Year, Worldwide Cloud Partner Finalist, Inner Circle and Presidents Club. 

Learn More

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Join Team SMB Suite at Dallas Rock n' Roll 5K - John Wayne Cancer Foundation Fundraiser

Posted by Samantha DeLaire

Feb 2, 2018

SMB Suite formed a team to particiate in a 5k for a great cause, to help fund research to fight cancer!  We will proudly wear our SMB T-shirts and walk (or run) the 5K on Saturday, March 24th, 2018! 

You can donate only, or join the team, and pass along to your friends and family!  The more the merrier!  To join the team, simply click “Join Team” under our logo.

Thank you to everyone in advance for helping support the John Wayne Cancer Foundation.  It is a great organization to be involved with and this will be a wonderful opportunity to help invest in the fight against cancer.  

Hope to see you there!

See below link to our SMB Suite Team fundraiser page:

  • Event: 5K Run/Walk @ 7:45AM
  • Date: Saturday, March 24th
  • Location: Dallas Cotton Bowl


SMB Suite - John Wayne Cancer Foundation Flyer

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What's New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 Webinar

Posted by Samantha DeLaire

Jan 24, 2018

We are inviting you to join our live webinar tomorrow, Thursday the 25th of January, to learn all about the new features and enhancements in the newly released version of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018.

For customers on older versions, we will also cover what is new in GP version 2013 through 2016.

The new GP 2018 release has features that users have been requesting, such as:

  • Additional workflows
  • Workflow reminders
  • Increased availability of document attachments
  • Ability to print single customer statements from customer windows
  • PowerBI Integreation (Free Add-on with Office 365 Subscription)

If interested in joining, you can register below.

Thursday, January 25th @ 1pm CST: Register Here


Best regards, 

Samantha DeLaire



Office 469.351.2138 | Email

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Looking To Boost Productivity? Let Cloud ERP Help You Better Prioritize Tasks!

Posted by Frank Gerome

Jan 18, 2018

It’s critical for staff at all companies to prioritize their daily tasks to allow as much time as possible to focus on the core competency of the business. After all, this is why the company exists; administrative tasks are part of life, sure, but it’s not supposed to eat up the entire day.

This is not easy, of course, especially for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) where employees often have so much on their list to sort through. Typically, these employees wear several hats, meaning many line items on their to-do lists are more about maintenance than productivity. They also spend significant time putting out “fires” (and in the SMB space, there are many) and dealing with “drive-by” disruptions (other people who interrupt the flow by asking questions and adding tasks to your list).

The only way to navigate this messy minefield and maintain clarity is to useto automate and streamline as many items as possible. You must condense this disparate and complex workload to a more manageable daily checklist if productivity is ever going to be achievable.

While just about anything on your list can be easily outsourced using the cloud — IT, financial management, human resources, marketing, sales and operations, etc. — some areas are more common to outsource than others. These days, IT seems to be the most popular and the most crucial for SMBs to hire out of house. The reason this is so common is because technology plays a significant role across the board.

The key is to find the balance between cost, flexibility, control and scalability. In other words, you want the time and money savings, but you also want to make sure you settle into a solution that can scale with the growth of your business.

For busy SMB owners, it’s important to remember that moving line-of-business systems into a well-managed hosted environment will improve several areas right out of the gate. Cloud solutions, especially cloud ERP, will help keep your overall IT spend at a minimum and moves the process to a subscription payment model, which is predictable. In fact, this ability to be a predictable expenditure is one of the biggest distinguishing features for a cloud subscription model; it spreads the potential line items in a software investment (software, support, licensing, etc.) across the course of the contract. What was once an uneven expenditure is now consistent each month.

Using the cloud to outsource also means that your disaster and recovery will be more secure and manageable. For example, if a server crashes today, how do you respond? How much time does it take to recover? Hosting takes this off the list of things an SMB owner should worry about, and solves this issue (among several others) with a predictable monthly investment. Remember, with the cloud, you don’t have to worry about constantly changing costs and managing upgrades.

If they are to succeed — and actually have time to spend with their families — SMB owners must eliminate administrative tasks and focus on the core competency of the business. The key to this is using cloud ERP technology to automate and streamline your tasks.

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Information Regarding Meltdown & Spectre Vulnerabilities

Posted by Jeremy Peacock

Jan 10, 2018

At SMB Suite customer security is always our top priority.  In an effort to keep you well informed:  an industry-wide, hardware-based security vulnerability was recently disclosed.  We are taking active steps to ensure that no SMB Suite Cloud customer is exposed to these vulnerabilities. At the time of this email, SMB Suite has not received any information to indicate that these vulnerabilities have been used to target SMB Suite Cloud customers.  Per Microsoft, the nature of these vulnerabilities will require updates to both hardware and software to mitigate the issues. 

SMB Suite has begun working with Microsoft and our other industry partners, including hardware OEMs and app vendors, to protect customers. To take advantage of all available protections, hardware/firmware and software updates are required. This may include microcode from device OEMs and in some cases updates to antivirus software as well.  With the public disclosure of the security vulnerability, we are accelerating the planned maintenance timing and will begin implementing vendor supplied updates and mitigation recommendations as soon as available.

We want to make sure you are aware of the full scope and nature of these vulnerabilities.  

Note: this issue will affect other systems such as Android, Chrome, iOS, MacOS, so we advise customers to seek out guidance from those vendors. In addition to SMB Suite managed services, you will need to identify your own affected systems and take appropriate measures within your organizations and at home.  Please consult with the vendor of your operating systems & computing devices for updates and instructions, as needed. For Windows customers, guidance has now been published and is available here

Please contact with any concerns and/or questions.



Jeremy Peacock

Chief Technology Officer


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Microsoft Dynamics GP 1099 Year-End Close Tutorial

Posted by Samantha DeLaire

Jan 9, 2018

Follow these simple steps to make your year-end close process go more smoothly.

When setting up a vendor, you need to make sure they are entered with 1099 information so that the 1099 income will be recorded.

To set up 1099 income for a vendor:

  1. Open the Vendor Maintenance Card: Purchasing >> Cards >> Vendor
    1. Select your vendor from the lookup icon.
    2. Click the OPTIONS button.
  1. When you are done selecting your 1099 options, click OK to close the window.

       3. Save then close your vendor file.



Look at the Payables Transaction Entry Window.  Note that when you are entering an amount in the purchases field for a 1099 vendor that the amount auto-populates the 1099 amount field.


When the blue arrow is selected next to the 1099 amount field a pop up window will open displaying the Tax Type and the 1099 Box number associated with the 1099 amount.


Close your A/P Year End

Make sure that you post all transactions for the year you intend to close before closing the year. And, be sure to back up your data before closing;


  1. Begin your A/P close: Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Tools >> Routines >> Purchasing >> Year End Close


1099 Edit Report


  1. Print Edit Report for 1099:  Routines >> Purchasing >> Print 1099


  1. Select your 1099 Type and Form Type.


  1. Click the PRINTER ICON to print an edit list for review. **Do not select Print Forms!!


  1. Review your edit list for any corrections needed and correctness.


How to compare your 1099 data to confirm it is correct:

There are a few different ways that you can review your 1099 data to determine that it is correct.

  3. Enter a vendor from your 1099 Edit Listing and pull up their history. You can add together the current year transactions showing in the listing and compare them to the 1099 Edit Listing.


Full Tutorial here with screenshots and tips and tricks:
1099 & PAYABLES Year-End Close


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