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Dynamics GP DocAttach Webinar

Posted by Samantha DeLaire

May 21, 2019

SMB Suite is hosting a webinar covering the DocAttach feature available within Dynamics GP.

Christine Burbach, SMB Suite’s Sr. Dynamics GP Consultant, will lead the webinar.

Join us Thursday, May 23rd at 12:30pm CST

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DocAttach is an out of the box tool available that allows users to add a variety of documents to either the Master records or to the transaction records within the Dynamics GP Application.  Since the release of the original DocAttach back in GP 2013 R2, there have been many improvements to the feature. 

This functionality allows documents to move within GP in a straight forward manner.  By “moving” through Dynamics GP, the document is attached to a record anywhere a card type item is used such as an Item, Vendor, or Customer. The attachments associated with that card type will be added as a reference in the new area where a card may be used.  This would include an Item, Vendor, and or Customer where a card item could be used.

Join us to learn why customers love using DocAttach’s new features!

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