CRM Sales Solutions

Grow your business with accurate forecasting.

Add to your organizations bottom line with SMB Sales, powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Improve forecasting, gain visibility into your pipeline, and manage a growing sales organization. Manage all of your customer interactions, orders, and invoices - gaining insight into key metrics such as life and year to date purchase history. Easily cross sell additional products to your customers, bringing additional value to your customers and profits to your bottom line.

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SMB Sales is integrated with SMB Marketing and SMB Service, providing a complete view of your customers, prospects and partners. SMB Sales is also integrated with SMB Financials, providing a complete sales history and powerful reporting, all in easy to navigate dashboards.
SMB Sales can be purchased in two different packages. Each package includes 5 users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, set-up, implementation, training, premier support & upgrades.