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NextCorp is now SMB Suite!

Posted by Kristen Howarth

Jul 18, 2013

We are excited to announce that NextCorp is now SMB Suite!  What does that mean for our customers? That you can expect the same great service that has always been a priority for us. Our customers are the heart and soul of our business and customer satisfaction remains our number one focus.

With over 20 years of experience providing Microsoft Dynamics consulting, licensing, support and hosting services, we realized a need to evolve and improve our solutions for our customers. The addition of the SMB Suite Cloud Platform enhances our solution portfolio by adding cloud service offerings for our customers, providing small and mid-size companies with access to world class technology at a low cost of ownership. Applications that were once affordable only by large organizations are now available for small and mid-sized companies via our SMB Suite Cloud Services Platform.

With the SMB Suite Cloud Platform, you have access to world class customer relationship management software powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Office365, Business Intelligence (Dashboard & Data Warehousing), eCommerce Cloud Solutions, as well as HR, Payroll & HCM Cloud Services Fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics ERP through our Cloud Services Platform!  To learn more about the capabilities of the SMB Suite platform, visit our website at