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Making Business Easier with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

Posted by Ben Redfield

Aug 15, 2013

The term “business as usual” simply doesn’t apply in today’s marketplace. Organizations need systems that help their people orchestrate routine tasks and complex processes—all in the course of a day’s work. Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2013 offers capabilities that help people work faster and smarter. This latest release fuels efficient task management and teamwork, simplifies setup and IT administration, and offers built-in tools for meeting specific business needs.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is already well known for rich integration with Microsoft® Office system applications—without leaving the ERP solution, users can take full advantage of Microsoft Office Outlook®, Microsoft Office Excel®, and Microsoft Office Word. We’re enhancing that connection so that people can quickly create customer and vendor-facing documents using Word forms. They can also send batch and individual e-mail messages for invoices, orders, and check remittances. The result? People get more work done in less time—and the work looks more professional and polished.

There’s more. Teams can now work more efficiently, with precise tracking and accountability, by using new workflow approval processes and improved capabilities for documenting sign-offs. In addition, simplified system access includes default logon settings that can save users valuable time. Just as important, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 offers straightforward tools that ensure fast installation, setup, and data migration from applications such as QuickBooks and Peachtree.

The latest release also makes it easier to meet unique business needs with built-in personalization tools. For instance, people can stop juggling customer and vendor information stored in multiple sources such as Microsoft Office Access® and Excel. Without writing new code, administrators or users can create a mini business application in Microsoft Dynamics GP that consolidates the information for easier tracking and management by multiple people, for multiple tasks.

Finally, we’ve paid close attention to customer requests for enhancements that improve business efficiency and performance in highly specific areas—including analytical accounting, budget tracking, payables and receivables, payroll, field services, manufacturing, and distribution in a complex marketplace.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. We’re making it easier to do business.