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Integrative HR Solutions: Make The Most Of Your Human Capital, Pt. 1

Posted by Rita Strauss

Jul 8, 2014

HR solutionsYour employees are your biggest investment, but they're also your most vital assets. Your HR solutions should help you create an engaging environment for your employees, improving their performance and increasing their productivity. Your retention rates go up as a result and, best of all, your customer satisfaction increases, too. (Happy employees mean happy customers.)

This renewed focus on employee satisfaction casts light on a gaping void in the HR software marketplace; ERP vendors have been scrambling to fill it, working hard to deliver on the promise of integrative end-to-end business management solutions with premier functionality and enterprise-wide benefits.

With cloud migration, ERP software has been given a remarkable boost: Cloud ERP provides immense and far-reaching enhancements to business processes. In this four-part series, we explore the six key business areas that stand to benefit from cloud migration. Let's start with the first two:

1. User Experience

As a business owner, you need HR solutions that your employees actually use, which means you need to focus on user experience. While small business software formerly focused on building 'systems of record,' today's approach has been to create 'systems of engagement.'

One of the most compelling reasons many small and mid-sized businesses switch to the cloud is to improve engagement and the user experience. Cloud ERP enables you to fully integrate your human resources software, creating a configurable and easy-to-use system that's both effective and engaging. The learning curve is less disruptive because your employees don't need in-depth training or require over-the-shoulder guidance from your HR team.


Tech trends have changed dramatically in the past few years. There are currently four times as many mobile devices as desktop computers in the world, so mobility has become the most critical purchasing criterion for businesses searching for HR solutions.

Because cloud ERP operates remotely, it's the most mobile-friendly platform available. It allows employees to access the system from anywhere and with any device they choose, essentially expanding both the workplace and the workday. Mobile ERP is, without question, well on its way to fully replacing its outdated, on-premise counterparts.

2. Process Efficiency

Your process efficiency directly correlates to your performance, growth and profitability. It's essential to streamline or automate wherever possible to increase productivity and output, decrease overhead and reduce errors. By integrating your HR solutions into your cloud ERP software, you enjoy the following improvements:


Although many companies today have already made the switch to cloud-based small business software, a few holdouts still remain. These business owners worry about a perceived loss of control and flexibility when transitioning to a mobile ERP suite.

For those who have made the switch, the opposite rings true. Standardization unifies your enterprise and streamlines your overall operations. Cloud ERP affords an unmatched configurability that helps you meet your employees' unique needs while maintaining control over your key HR practices. This contributes to enterprise-wide structure and consistency, which ultimately improves the scalability of your small business software.


The depth, reach and sensitivity of HR make it an inherently complicated aspect of your business. The role of your HR software is to explain those tangled intricacies, not expand upon them.

HR solutions are some of the best-suited applications for the cloud ERP platform because the cloud keeps the overall system uncomplicated. Once-complex HR processes are mapped and effectively broken down into core steps that are easy for everyone in your enterprise to follow.

HR software is a vast marketplace, and businesses with ten employees or more should have HR solutions in place. The problem is that most of these solutions – especially siloed or on-premise systems – are either ineffective, outdated or both. Cloud ERP presents a perfect opportunity to improve your employee performance and make the most out of your human capital. Return for Part 2, when we continue down the list of the six business areas that are improved with cloud ERP.

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