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HR Solutions Keep Your Business Running For People, Not Just For Tech

Posted by Rita Strauss

Aug 6, 2014

HR solutionsIn a time when technology has advanced exponentially, it's easy for small and mid-sized businesses to take their human components for granted. But even the most high-tech industries are, at the heart of it, run by people. That's why it's so important to invest in powerful HR solutions – strategic tools that help you identify, manage, reward and retain talent in your enterprise. Here's how HR software helps:

Talent Identification And Acquisition

What do potential employees see when they look at your business – or do they even see you at all? HR solutions enable you to create a stimulating, rewarding environment for employees, effectively propelling you from an invisible employer to a destination workplace with little effort.

Managing Employees

Managing employees is a multifaceted and complicated endeavor: From the executive and business owner perspective, you need to make sure your employees are being productive and that you're not paying exorbitant overhead for a mediocre performance. From the employee satisfaction side, you need to provide an inspiring environment with an identifiable structure. It's a balancing act, and it's not always an easy one to achieve.

HR solutions, like Insperity, strike the perfect balance. With user- and role-based dashboards, your employees have access to all the data they need to get their jobs done right. In-depth metrics and KPIs are targeted to the specific roles your employees play, so both your C-suite and your hourly workers have visibility into their daily responsibilities.


Communication and collaboration are critically important in managing employees, because they enable you to tap into social, organizational and operational intelligence that inspires innovation.

When your HR software is deeply rooted in your business management system, you encourage and facilitate a collaborative environment within your enterprise. Insperity is an easily navigable platform that keeps all of your software connected and all of your employees working within the same system. It's easy for all of your employees – high-level, lower-level and overseas – to work closely together under one umbrella application.


One of the biggest productivity killers in small and mid-sized business management is redundancy. If all of your business applications are separate, data entry becomes even more tedious and cumbersome than usual as your employees input the same information into each of your different tools. The more applications they touch, the more likely there are to be errors in the data. You wind up with inaccurate reports and frustrated employees.

One integrated business management system solves the problem by keeping all the relevant data in one centralized location. Your employees don't waste time and you don't need to worry about error from manual data entry.

Self Service

With cloud-based HR solutions, employees are given the autonomy to manage their own tools. Insperity offers expansive self-service capabilities allowing users to easily access, manage and alter HR and payroll programs. Your employees gain control (within the permissions boundaries you set) of their direct deposit, time tracking, insurance and expense management tools – all without any input from your HR personnel.

Rewarding Employees

With or without HR software, you absolutely need a system in place to reward your high-performers for a job well done. By honing your human resources efforts with the help of HR software, you're able to build a solid foundation for employee reviews, satisfaction surveys, promotion opportunities and raise eligibility. These administrative tasks take far too long when performed by people, but are critically important in making sure your employees know you haven't forgotten about them. By automating human resources, you never need to worry about staying on top of upcoming employee milestones.

When it comes to human resources, you have a few lofty goals ahead of yourself: You have to attract new talent, keep your employees happy, encourage productivity and ultimately retain your most valuable assets. By automating your administrative HR tasks, you're able to focus on putting the human back in human resources.

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