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Happy Holidays, From Our Cloud to Yours!

Posted by Ben Redfield

Dec 24, 2011


Beautiful Slippers

As much time as we spend refining our cloud ERP offerings, each holiday season we like to take a moment out of the final work days of the year to begin stockpiling latent conflict among the SMBSuite Family for the year ahead.  Enter the competitive gift-giving practice known as a “White Elephant Party” (follow the link to learn more if you are unfamiliar with the practice).

Ranging from the beautiful to the probably priceless, each gift was chosen with hours of meticulous thought and weighty consideration into the soul and psyche of each gifter’s co-workers.
The result?  A large number of the men in the office are re-armed with assorted nerf projectiles and remote-controlled apparati sure to delight the female and more serious-minded among us with equal measure!

Priceless Artifact


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