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Functional Flexibility: Find The Field Service Software That Boosts Business

Posted by Ben Redfield

Jun 2, 2014

functional flexibilityMany businesses view field service software as a necessary evil – a tool that covers some of your needs (not all of them) and is terribly complicated to implement – but it doesn't have to be. The right field service application should be effective enough to improve your business and functional enough to suit all of your needs, including the capability to:

Fit Your Business

You want a field service application that's flexible, but you also need to be flexible in your search. Don't limit yourself to just the software that's been built for your industry. It's much smarter to make your decision based on the features of the software. A certain field service application may be ideal for a business similar to yours, but if it doesn't offer the functionality you need, it's the wrong choice for you.

Look Ahead

The field service solution that meets most of your current needs is not necessarily a good choice. Before you choose your software, create a future landscape for your business. Picture where it is now, where you want it to be and how you expect it to look in a year and in a decade. When you achieve your goals, what will your business need? The field service software you choose needs to encourage those changes, grow with you and meet all of your needs – current and future.

Accommodate Jobs

Your business is diverse, and you need your field service software to keep up. The application must allow you to manage your own equipment while performing maintenance on your customers'. It should also accommodate a wide variety of job types, from simple water pickup to complex compressor servicing.

Go Mobile

Your field service technicians are always on the move. They need to be able to access critical information within your field service application from anywhere, at any time. To achieve this, your software needs to feature mobile access from smartphones, laptops and tablets. Detailed call history, customer preferences, time logs and instruction manuals are all at your technicians' fingertips with the right field service software.

Customize User Roles

The interface you choose should be easy enough that everyone within your enterprise – from a general contractor to a highly skilled engineer – understands how to use it. You should also be able to alter, add and remove functions as needed, delving into more detail for your skilled employees and simplifying the interface for your less technical workers.

Streamline Communication

The field service software you use must be part of your entire ERP system. If you're working piecemeal with multiple separate applications, your interdepartmental and interdivisional communication becomes disjointed. You need one global ERP solution that houses all of your applications – from HR and payroll to field service. When you're all on the same system, you build a collaborative environment and facilitate open communication.

Flexibility is key when it comes to field service software, but you need to consider the multiple facets of flexibility in order to choose your solution intelligently. Select a comprehensive solution that features mobile compatibility, easy communication, configurable interfaces and full functionality to meet the needs of your enterprise as a whole.

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