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ERP In The Cloud: Why Millennial Entrepreneurs Set Their Sights Skyward

Posted by Matt Woodward

Jun 11, 2014

millenial entrepreneursMillennials are, without question, different types of worker than their predecessors. The entrepreneurial spirit thrives in millennials, but their independent ambition puts a strain on organizations that can't see past their seemingly aloof nature. Many small and mid-sized businesses would be smarter to seize the unique advantages of a millennial workforce, starting with a transition to ERP in the cloud.

The cloud is a platform that almost seems designed for millennials. They're the drivers behind most new innovation, and the cloud is key for the experimentation and iteration necessary to develop these innovations. Essentially, the cloud breaks through the barrier between innovation and infrastructure. It’s a superior platform for hosting your business management software: ERP in the cloud provides better access to information, constant communication, faster file sharing capabilities, enhanced innovation and more. Here's how:

Access To Information

From KPIs to inventory tracking, your business's optimized performance depends on your employees having access to a wealth of information at all times. ERP in the cloud facilitates this constant access because it's not location-specific. While an on-premise ERP system would require that employees be in your office logging in from one of your computers, cloud ERP allows everyone in your enterprise – from lower-level to key decision-makers – to use the software on a whim, whenever they need to.

Mobile & BYOD

For millennials, tablets and smartphones have become more like appendages than simply devices. Businesses should see this not as a nuisance, but as an opportunity.

The cloud allows employees to log in, view reports and complete projects from anywhere, at any time. This effectively extends your workday long past the typical 9 to 5 office hours.

Collaboration & Communication

People working together on projects across departments or even geographies need an efficient way to communication and collaborate. Cloud ERP is a single integrated system that keeps all of your employees on the same page, even when they're in different places. ERP in the cloud allows for quick decision-making, more effective team building and smarter project coordination.

File Sharing

File sharing is the only way to collaborate across geographical locations. Traditional project coordination requires your employees to meet in person, which is unfeasible for many small and mid-sized businesses that outsource or have international satellite offices.

EPR in the cloud enables your employees to share files immediately without compromising the security of the information in the documents. This superior approach streamlines the communicative and collaborative capabilities of your employees, departments and your enterprise as a whole.

Instant Messaging

Millennials have been using instant messaging for the majority of their lives, and it's a very powerful tool. Generation Y employees expect to be able to reach others at the push of a button; any lag time is simply unacceptable, translating to missed opportunities and financial losses. Cloud ERP is a real-time interface that allows employees to contact one another at any point through instant messaging tools.

New Tech Innovations

Millennials are always on the cutting edge of new technologies, but in order to stay there, they need to be in a work environment that's conducive to innovation. To do so, small and mid-sized businesses should encourage employees to address new challenges and constantly learn to improve tech skills. Clearly, your business benefits from having a workforce brimming with advanced knowledge, enhanced problem-solving and a more versatile skillset.

In order to further optimize new technologies, they should be based on familiar interfaces so your employees' learning curve is minimal. Dynamics-driven cloud ERP software is built on the foundation of the tools you already use – Excel, Outlook and other applications in the Office 365 suite. It's a standard Windows-style user experience that's intuitive enough for all of your employees to utilize.

Supporting the entrepreneurial, innovation-driven spirit of millennials is a smart strategy for your business. By migrating to ERP in the cloud, you're able to reap the benefits of better communication and more universal access to information – all while being at the forefront of new technological innovations.

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