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Disruptive Business Model bringing ERP, CRM and Office Together

Posted by Samantha DeLaire

Oct 13, 2016

Microsoft Interview with Analyst Ray Wang takes a look at how disruptive business models impact organizations and what technologies support them.  Every 5-10 years there is a disruptive business model that emerges and Microsoft Dynamics 365 is it folks.

CRM, ERP and Office 365 are now available in one offering and organizations are really excited about that.  

When you take something like order to cash:

  • It sits on the customer side
  • Then, it goes back to the ERP side
  • And then, it goes back to the customer side if there is a problem
  • And finally, it goes back to the ERP side to fulfill or return

These two products have typically been silos and people want them in one place.  More importantly, people want to get the analytics and bigger picture because what they are really trying to do is take those transactional systems and glean some insight out of them.

The insight is what is powering the future side of businesses.

Watch the rest of Ray's interview here:

Topics: erp, cloud, crm, dynamics 365