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CRM- It’s Also Coworker Management

Posted by Ben Redfield

Sep 6, 2013

Everybody knows that “CRM” stands for “customer relation management,” right? But what may not be so clear is how a business can achieve this, especially when there are no systems in place to manage employee responsibilities in the first place. Luckily, SMB Sales, powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, is designed to allow businesses to manage employees with the same control and insight needed to effectively manage customers, allowing organizations to effectively manage customer relations.

What does that actually mean?  Well, in short, it means that whatever you need to get done, or need someone else to get done, can be easily scheduled within CRM and then synced to a variety of places like Outlook Calendars or user dashboards in both Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP.  Because we’re a cloud provider, you will always have access to your workspace and all of the collaboration functionality that you need wherever you are.

How will this improve your business? 
Well, let me describe a common-enough business scenario:  a customer reaches out to you for something that requires the attention of one of your coworkers.  It can be a scary prospect:  things fall by the wayside, e-mails are missed and new problems crop up.  Meanwhile, you’re the one making promises and serving the customer, and it’ll be your rear on the line if it doesn’t happen.  So traditionally you have two options:  you can pawn the customer off on the coworker (which is a lousy customer service experience) or you can devote time to tracking down and confirming that your coworker can handle the task you need from them.

Enter SMB Sales and the ability to assign tasks to yourself or your coworkers.  Within your CRM system is a record for this customer.  And this record not only details all of the relevant information about the customer and their business with you, it logs who has been assigned to the customer, who worked with them last and what work was done for the customer in the past.  You simply spin-up a new task in the record, assign the task to the coworker who needs to address the issue, set a “due-by” date, and you’re done!  Now here’s what happens. . .

Behind the scenes SMB Sales syncs this task with your coworker’s CRM dashboard so whenever they log in, the task is front and center.  It also adds the task to their Outlook Calendar and begins reminding them there.  That’s the magic of Microsoft Office integration.  Now the task is popping up on the coworker’s desktop, phone, tablet; wherever they are viewing their calendar and tasks.  Meanwhile you can check up on the task any time and see if it has been completed, or request notification when it is done.  So you can rest easy knowing that the right person has the right information to work smarter.  This is just one small example of how having the right tools can make all the difference.
Check out our demo to see this at work:

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