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C-Suite Executives And Dynamics In The Cloud: A Love Affair For The Ages

Posted by Matt Woodward

Aug 4, 2014

dynamics in the cloudThe flame between C-suite and Microsoft Dynamics has been burning for years, but Dynamics in the cloud is the newer, better version of a tried-and-true classic. Savvy business owners and strategic decision-makers have seen the immense benefits of transitioning their ERP software into the cloud; the blossoming relationship enables small and mid-sized businesses to grow and thrive. Here's how:

Cloud-based Dynamics offer more elucidative business insights.

In order for small and mid-sized companies to thrive in today’s market, they need access to better business insights and advanced reporting. C-suite professionals – especially those in decision-making roles – need to maximize the value of their data. Ordinary data is either worthless confusion or a competitive edge, depending on how it's utilized.

Traditional business management solutions feature spreadsheets as the main reporting tool. On-premise ERP software solves the spreadsheet problem, but Excel is simply not equipped to deliver business insights. By placing Dynamics in the cloud, business insights are built into daily operations. In-depth analytics and easily digestible graphs make it easy for your C-suite executives to assess your business performance, understand complex data and develop effective strategies that propel your enterprise forward. 

Unlike on-premise ERP, the cost of Dynamics in the cloud is predictable.

Small and mid-sized business executives know all too well that budgets are restrictive. It's not easy to accommodate the expensive, unpredictable cost of on-premise ERP software – payment plans are usually rife with hidden fees and surcharges.

Dynamics in the cloud is available through a subscription model that's both consistent and predictable. This helps your C-suite decision-makers precisely predict your software costs and forecast accurately.

Cloud ERP is better with financial management.

Accounts payable and receivable are the most elementary functions of financial accounting software, so it's surprising that many small and mid-sized businesses are still using business management solutions with functionality barely surpassing AR/AP management.

Dynamics in the cloud features historical data and predictive analytics – the tools your C-suite executives need to gain in-depth business insights and high-level planning. Your decision-makers want to estimate your future revenues, predict risks and forecast opportunities in the short and long terms. With Dynamics in the cloud, they have access to everything they need – and more.

In the cloud, Dynamics helps your employees and executives collaborate.

By automating everyday operations and keeping all employees on the same page (in the same software), Dynamics in the cloud offers unprecedented streamlining. Everyone in your enterprise – C-suite and hourly employees – is able to focus their time on more valuable business tasks.

Inefficient processes waste staff time with tedium and redundancy, and as companies expand, it becomes more important to eliminate inefficiencies. Manual tasks are always riddled with errors and always take longer than automated processes. Automation reduces the amount of time these tasks take and increases the accuracy of the end result. The result is better cash flow management and optimization of personnel time.

With a focus on increased efficiency and higher productivity, it's no wonder why business executives have become so enamored with Dynamics in the cloud. Growth and expansion are keys to success, and it’s simply impossible to propel your enterprise forward without streamlining your operations, embracing your analytics and maximizing your business insights. The time has come to invest in a powerful, cloud-based business management system – one that enables your decision-makers to be more strategic in their forecasting, smarter with their cash flow management and more informed in their overall planning.

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