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5 Benefits Of Dynamics GP Subscription Services

Posted by Dale Schlagel

Apr 24, 2014

479270457When it comes to technology, you have a choice: You could build an expensive on-premise solution from the ground up, or you could opt for a smarter solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Running a business requires technology, and typically it's an intensive process of purchasing hardware, implementing software, installing applications and staffing an IT department to manage and run the system. You know you need the right technology framework to keep your business thriving, but you're not a tech business. So, how do you build the infrastructure that covers all of your needs without breaking the bank?

The short answer is this: You don't.

Businesses today are turning away from the "building" approach altogether and are opting for a "consuming" approach – one in which they use only what they need, when they need it. Adopting this method allows you to revamp your budget and reallocate your resources to critical areas that help your business thrive.

Dynamics GP is a specially designed tool that offers many significant benefits to businesses, from full-service functionality to low cost of ownership. Here are just five of the best benefits:

1. Full Service

Your business has general and specific needs to meet – you want your software to have the standard capabilities of payroll and HR, payroll, sales, accounting and business intelligence. However, you also need the flexibility to customize the software, not for a business, but for your business.

Dynamics GP features role-specific dashboards that enable all of your employees to customize their own user experience, highlighting the details that matter most to them. As the business owner, you have the ability to see business-wide metrics and drill down to gain insight into departments' or individuals' performance.

2. Better Support

When it comes time to investigate new ERP software options, you need to find appropriate solutions for the challenges of implementation, configuration and training.

  • Implementation must minimize your downtime. You're not willing to shut down your business for a lengthy setup, and you shouldn’t have to. Dynamics GP applications are installed, configured and customized in up to 76% less time than traditional on-premise solutions, so your business is up and running in less time.
  • Configuration must be easy. You don't want to waste your time configuring your ERP software. Dynamics GP comes configured out of the box, and technicians help you make the adjustments that optimize it to fit the needs of your business.

  • Navigation must be intuitive. Your employees shouldn’t be spending days trying to teach themselves how to use a new system. With easy navigation and simple customization, Microsoft Dynamics GP is incredibly user-friendly. You're not wasting time trying to figure it out - you're getting the most out of your business management software right from the start.

Support needs to go beyond initial setup, too. Just because your ERP system is up and running doesn't mean your company should be pushed to the back burner. If you experience issues with your software, you should be given immediate attention by a reliable expert.

3. Improved Collaborative Capability

Imagine one of your accountants is fixing an error on a report that's housed in two of your systems – let's say, your accounting and payroll software systems. She makes the correction in the accounting software system she always uses, but then she's called to another task. Now, the same report, housed in the other system, doesn't match. An employee in your payroll department needs to access the report, so he uses his payroll software to get to it. The data he gets isn't accurate, because the system wasn't changed to reflect the error your accountant corrected. Now imagine the time it'll take to find the mistake, correct it and make sure all the subsequent reports reflect the change.

You have enough on your plate. You don't need to worry about inconsistencies between your patchwork of systems. With Dynamics GP, all of your systems are housed in one "unit" so they all work together seamlessly. Next time your accountant fixes an error, you’re assured that your payroll specialist gets the updated information as soon as he recalls the report.

4. Advanced Integration

You use lots of tools on a daily basis to manage and run your business. Programs like Excel and Outlook are critical components of your company. You don't want to give up the tools you know and love to learn a whole new system.

Fortunately, Dynamics GP is a Microsoft system, so it natively integrates with the whole Office365 suite. You don't need to spend time learning a new set of systems, because your new ERP software welcomes your old tools with open arms. In fact, the navigation styles are similar enough to make navigation incredibly intuitive and easy, even for beginners.

5. Automatic Updates

Updating is one of the biggest costs associated with business management software. When you use a cloud ERP subscription service with Dynamics GP, updates are automatically done by the cloud manager. You don’t have to worry about finding the updates or the time to install them. Your cloud provider keeps the system updated – you just keep running your business. One of the hidden benefits here is that your business is always granted access to the latest technologies. You operate more efficiently because you're always using the most recent versions of your high-tech applications.

Don't let your business get stuck in the trap of building an IT infrastructure. There's no need for you to waste your precious resources on old, ineffective strategies. Instead, choose a comprehensive cloud-based ERP system like Dynamics GP, and reap the benefits of a well-planned technology strategy.

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