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4 Ways Cloud-Based Sales Automation Software Shortens Your Sales Cycle

Posted by Jeff Davis

Jun 9, 2014

sales automation softwareShortening the sales cycle is almost a universal goal for small and mid-sized businesses. Shorter sales cycles mean quicker payment, enhanced capabilities and less lag time between customers. Sales automation software is a smart way to reduce the time it takes your business to close on sales, so you're operating efficiently with the resources you have. The following four benefits demonstrate how the right sales software helps shorten your sales cycle.

1. Round-The-Clock Access

Life doesn't operate within normal business hours, and neither do your customers. You need to be available to your customers 24 hours a day through a convenient platform if you want to make the sale.

Sales automation software acts as a night watchman, taking over for your employees when they clock out at the end of each business day. Instead of waiting until business resumes the following day (by which time your customers have likely moved on to a more convenient competitor), you're given access to alerts, updates and customer inquiries. The faster you capture that data, the faster you close the deal.

2. Networking Integration

Even if you're not embracing social media, your customers are. Instead of bucking the trend, it's time to use it to your advantage!

Find a sales software package that integrates with popular social networking sites. This integration puts your business in front of more people, increasing your chances of making a sale. Social media integration allows you to go "in the trenches" with your customers to see what they like, how they engage and where they're looking. Use this information to tailor a sales strategy that gives your company a competitive edge.

The right sales software should aggregate all of your social media data into one simple interface. Everyone in your enterprise, from lower-level employees to C-suite executives, should have access to this critical information to paint an accurate, personalized picture of your clientele.

3. Data Security

In a time when even big-name companies are being hacked, data security is more important than ever. Consumers are wary of transmitting their personal information, and they have a right to be. It's your responsibility to quell those fears by employing top-notch security within your suite of business software. When your customers are comfortable trusting your company with their information, you close sales much more quickly.

Cloud migration is one of the most significant steps you take toward protecting private information. [link to:] Cloud providers maintain high levels of security on their servers and diligently protect your company’s and customers' information from being stolen. Cloud sales software is fully integrative into your suite of business applications, so all of your critical data is kept secure with multiple "layers" of protection.

4. Workflow Optimization

One of the most prolific ways sales automation software helps your business is by automating workflow. Mundane administrative tasks, such as data entry, are a waste of your talented employees' time. Staff time is much better spent on core business functions that require a human touch.

Use sales software to automate your workflow processes. By delegating tedious tasks to an effective software solution, your employees are freed up, giving them the opportunity to provide real value to your business. Automated processes also reduce the risk of human error, and software accomplishes tasks faster than your employees are able to, resulting in a streamlined, efficient operation that eliminates superfluous time-wasters.

Sales automation software is also the perfect way to speed up your internal workflow approvals process. When higher-level employees are needed to give their "go-ahead" on a project, they need to be reached immediately – not solely during 9-5 office hours. Sales software creates alerts to notify bosses of tasks that require their attention, so your sales cycle is not unnecessarily held up by a lack of communication.

A long sales cycle is one of the biggest pains a small or mid-sized business has, especially in high-tech industries. [link to:] By using sales automation software to shorten your sales cycle, you gain a significant competitive edge and help your business thrive, now and in the future.

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