High Tech

We know that expenses can be high, schedules can be compromised, competitors are just outside the door, and customers never stop demanding new functionality and benefit. It’s a tough environment.

SMB Suite for High Tech Companies fully integrates technology and knowledge to substantially improve business and development processes, business accounting and revenue recognition, compliance, business intelligence, internal communications, and customer support and satisfaction.

Problems Solved by SMB Suite for High Tech Companies

  •     Resource inefficiencies and higher associated expenses
  •     Sporadic user registration, tracking, and reporting
  •     Poor project management and reporting
  •     Disconnected development processes from core financials

Benefits of SMB Suite for High Tech Companies

  •     Revenue growth and improved profitability
  •     Timely, accurate revenue recognition tracking and reporting
  •     Margin preservation

What’s In SMB Suite for High Tech Companies?

  •     Dashboards and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  •     SMB CRM
  •     SMB Controller


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